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Ideal reinforcement for powered speakers 10 '' and 12 '', the MTsub12A provides accurate, punchy bass with a power of 400W RMS.Compact, lightweight and perfectly protected thanks to its full grid, it is also effective in providing that facility .it more offers integrated active filter to optimize the performance of satellites.

total amp power: 400W RMS / 800W High:
Switching power supply SMPS
Frequency response: 50 Hz to 180 Hz
Acoustic pressure SPL: 124 dB max
Woofer: 12 "4 Ohms, 400 W RMS
1 stereo line input on XLR and RCA
1 stereo line output XLR • Volume
Sets the low cutoff frequency sub: from 80 to 180 Hz
low cut filter (OFF-80-125) for the satellite output
Phase correction 0-180
Protections: DC, thermal and limiter
Fund cubic grid full bass reflex
2 handles on the sides
• Base 36 mm foot on top
Dimensions: 469 x 489 x 360 mm
Net Weight: 21.6 kg

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