Sound systems, light systems,lasers,fog machines, video wall, led light, Glow matérial, led glasses, beer tube, measure pourer, material and accesories for bars.
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» Conditions of sales
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Prices  excl.. VAT.

Solvency Control
All4BAR  has right to check the customers solvency for any orde. For each order paid by credit card in excess of the amount from 800.00 CHF ALL4BAR reserves the right to request a copy of an identity card.


ALL4BAR ensures our products work properly 1 year on the manufacturer.The warranty is not valid on using pieces, lamps, diodes, motors, filters and speakers. The heater and smoke machines pumps are not a guarantee if they are not cleaned regularly with a suitable product.If the product does not work properly ALL4BAR  you replace or repare it free of charge.


If you wish to return faulty goods please e-mail Customer Support , include full details of the problem and your invoice number. You will receive further instructions by e-mail. A complaint has to be made as soon as possible from the delivery of the goods. In case of complaints the only legal place is 1880 BEX - Switzerland


Order confirmation
We don't do delivery for person under 18 years old.
Our order acknowledgement is not a contract and does not constitute an acceptance of your order, but only a record of your offer to purchase a particular item at a particular price. After you place an order, ALL4BAR will determine whether or not to fulfill the order, and ALL4BAR may refuse or limit your order for any reason. By placing your order, you agree to accept all terms and conditions set forth anywhere on this site, including ALL4BAR  terms and conditions of sale.
ALL4BAR  reserves the right to accept, refuse, or limit your order for any reason, including, but not limited to, credit review, the unavailability of a product or errors in the prices and product descriptions posted on this web site. By placing your order, you agree that ALL4BAR Sarl's total liability, under any legal theory or claim, shall be limited to the purchase price actually paid to ALL4BAR for the product giving rise to ALL4BAR liability.

Reserve of Porperty

Clause reserve property. Until receiving the full sale price, ALL4BAR  retain sole owner of the products delivered. We reserve the right
to require,
at the expense of the purchaser, the corresponding entry in the
Register of pacts reserve ownership and carry out all the formalities
relating thereto. During the reservation property,
customer must, at its own expense, maintain the products
delivered and to assure them against theft, damage, fire, water and
other risks. Moreover, the customer will take all measures to ensure
safeguarding the right of ownership of ALL4BAR . As long as
the price has not been paid in full in case of seizure or any other
third party intervention on equipment ALL4BAR , the buyer will
necessarily and immediately inform the third of the reservation
property and ALL4BAR  to enable him to oppose it and preserve its
rights. The buyer also is forbidden to give or pledge to cede as
security ownership of the equipment ALL4BAR . The buyer is entitled
under the normal operation of its facility to resell the equipment
ALL4BAR  with reservation property. However, it undertakes in the
event of resale, to immediately resolve the remaining outstanding price
to the seller or to inform the sub-purchasers that the goods are
burdened with a retention of property and notify the seller of this
assignment in order to preserve its rights, and if necessary pursue a
claim on the price towards the sub-purchaser. If at the expiry of an
additional period of thirty (30) days, the customer fails to meet its
obligations to take delivery and / or pay the goods and is warned to
take delivery and / or pay the price merchandise, ALL4BAR is
entitled to sell freely and without any restriction, to others,
products ordered by the customer.


Use and transmission of personal data


ALL4BAR  treats the data of its customers to be able to provide its services. ALL4BAR  customer agrees that his data can be used in the Group ALL4BAR to the fine following.-to fulfil contractual obligations and ensure a superior - to maintain and develop the relationship with the customer - service, to ensure the safety of the operation and infrastructure of ALL4BAR - to establish its invoices - to design and develop Internet ALL4BAR services and a site Internet ALL4BAR responding to the expectations of the client - to submit binding offers to the customer on measurement of ALL4BAR and/or some of its partners (custom marketing or 'one to one') ALL4BAR  transmits personally identifiable to the authorities when required by law. Our employees are required to respect confidentiality.Some clarifications with regard to custom marketing ('one to one marketing'): in this form of marketing, the customer data are used to offer him - instead of an impersonal mass advertising - of the information and offers which may be of interest. Such information are transmitted by advertisements on the Internet ALL4BAR site or by e-mail/letter/phone. Customer data used in custom marketing are always processed anonymously by ALL4BAR .The client may request not to receive such forms of advertising (opt out).In the context of custom marketing, ALL4BAR  uses customer data in anonymous form and the Treaty with the help of statistical methods and a procedure called 'data mining', able to analyze a database to detect underlying patterns. This process generates data derived which are assembled to create a virtual client profile. Individual marketing systems are based on the relationship of customer data and the resulting profile implementation of data mining.

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