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Silencio products are lightweight panels made of rock wool with optimum sound absorption performance. These panels are stiffened by a light metal frame and covered with high quality fabrics. They are optionally available in a wide range of colors and shapes, which allows for tailor-made.

Silencio is a light, quickly asked, and meets the safety requirements for establishments open to the public according to the reaction to fire classification.


Silencio is ideal for private or public places subject to noise: offices, workshops, cafeterias, restaurants, bars, cinemas, conference rooms, auditoriums, gyms, schools, shops, hospitals, etc.

Besides the acoustic aspect, the Silencio panels are involved in the decoration of the premises and can play a role of visual insulation, extra element of comfort at work.

Rock wool, which is the soul of Silencio panels has the following qualities:

Reaction to fire: Class A1, M0 classification

Under conditions of relative humidity very high at 95%, remains 100% Stable

recyclable material

Health, environment and HQE: benefits from the EUCEB classification (non-cancer), and does not favor the development of microorganisms.

Fabrics equipping the panels are - unless requested otherwise - the type Trevira CS, a new generation of textile ensuring long-term security.

Unlike flame retardant fabrics by after-treatment, which can lose their protection over time, the Trevira CS fibers are readily flammable nature classified M1 fire reaction.

Their manufacturing process meets the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the DIN ISO 9001 quality standard.



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